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Ida Elionsky



1914, June

Planning four-mile swim (Norwich Bulletin, Norwich, CT)



1915, July - Hell Gate swim



1916, August - Swims two miles down Hudson with brother on her back




1916, September - Becomes 1st woman to swim around Manhattan


“Another Aquatic Record” (Salt Lake Telegram)

“Around Manhattan” (Indianapolis News)

“Brave Hell Gate In 40-Mile Swim” (New York Tribune)

“Girl Swims All Around Big Manhattan Island” (Des Moines Register)

“Girl Swims Around Manhattan Island” (Sun, New York)

“Long Swim By Woman” (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY)

“Miss Elionsky Sets a New Swimming Record” (Oklahoma City Times)

“Woman Swims Forty Miles” (Stevens Point Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI)


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The above three images and all other sepia photos appear courtesy of Ida Elionsky’s granddaughter, Joanna Langfield.


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The following articles about the second and third women to swim around Manhattan mention that Ida Elionsky was number one:

1921 - Mille Gade becomes 2nd woman swim around Manhattan


1926 - Lottie Schoemmell becomes 3rd woman to swim around Manhattan